HB 1488 News Release

For Immediate Release Contact: Susan Lider
January 27, 2015 Lider & Associates

Virginia Land Trust’s FAKE
“Stonewall Jackson-Slept-Here-Claim”
In Government-Sanctioned Easement
Property Owners Demand Protections against Tyrannical Abuses

Richmond, VA – Virginia Property rights activists, farmers and conservation leaders will give testimony before the Virginia House Agriculture Committee on January 28, 2015 at 8:30AM in the General Assembly Building House Room C in support of Bi-Partisan House Bill 1488 that has received support from over 5000 bi-partisan Petition Signatures.

National Media Coverage of Virginia’s conservation program erupted when a video was leaked of The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), a 501(c)3 “Land Trust”. The PEC was caught on video conducting an abusive intimidating inspection of a farmer’s closet, bathrooms, attics and photographing the personal private possessions and laundry of farmers. The Green Group is alleged to claim they have a right to inspect farmer’s underwear. Documents reveal that PEC entered in to a secretive Confidential Arrangement with realtors regarding a farm that had been in private ownership for three years. PEC even wanted to install 24/7 video surveillance cameras to spy on the family at the same farm.

The abusive video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAywKw93ucs

Boneta cautions not to blame the entire conservation program on the abusive bad acts of one Land Trust. “I consider myself to be a conservationist. I love the land and just want to be left alone in peace to grow my heirloom vegetables and care for my beehives and critters.” Said Martha Boneta

HOWEVER, new evidence exposes that PEC fabricated a Civil War designation that does not exist in a government-sanctioned agricultural easement, stating that Stonewall Jackson bivouacked on a farm. There is no legitimate historical proof whatsoever that Stonewall Jackson was ever on the farm in question. Civil War historians are outraged, calling PEC’s actions as “blatant disregard for Virginia’s history”. A full account of PEC’s bizarre Stonewall Jackson fabrication can be read here; http://www.varight.com/news/virginia-land-trust-falsifies-stonewall-jackson-slept-here-claim-by-michael-thompson/

Virginians that purchase a farm with an agricultural easement have an expectation to be able to farm without being terrorized and abused by a Virginia Land Trust. HB1488 provides some land owner protections.

“We are calling on the legislature to protect property owners, from a program that has no transparency, no standards and no protection for land owners” said Bonner Cohen of the National Center for Policy Research.

WHO: House Agriculture Committee
Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-96th District)
Farmers, Property Rights Activists, Leaders

WHAT: HB 1488 Hearing: Property Rights & Transparency Legislation

WHEN: Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

WHERE: Press Conference and Rally at Virginia Capitol Bell Tower
Public Hearing: General Assembly Building
Room C
Richmond, VA

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