RPV Small Farm / Food Freedom Resolution

Whereas, farmers, farms and farming have historically played a vital role in the economy, traditions, culture, art and literature of Virginia; and

Whereas, the success of farms and farming depends on free-market rewards resulting from farmers’ labor, capital, ingenuity and products; and

Whereas, farmers have the right to just remuneration for their labor, capital, ingenuity, services and products they have produced; and

Whereas, farmers have all rights reserved to all people by America’s supreme law, such as the right to the pursuit of happiness; the right of quiet enjoyment of their land; the right of peaceable assembly on their private property, so long as they respect their neighbors’ rights; and the right to exercise religious freedom on their private property; and

Whereas, Virginians deserve access to wholesome and locally produced foods, and small farmers should be able to supply these products without burdensome government regulations; and

Whereas, government must not single out or characterize farmers, farming or farmland in such a way as to diminish their freedoms and rights as guaranteed to all Americans and protected by the United States and Virginia Constitutions; and

Whereas, government must not use laws or the color of law, regulations, zoning ordinances or the dictates of permits to violate, trespass on or restrict the rights of farmers simply based on the fact that they engage in farm-related commerce, and farmers are entitled to fair, reasonable and full remedies from government agencies or political subdivisions that violate or trespass on their rights.

Now be it therefore resolved by the 2013 Republican Party of Virginia State Convention, that We support repeal of state laws and local ordinances inconsistent with this resolution; and

Be it further resolved, that We call upon the General Assembly and the Governor to advance legislation in the 2014 Session of the General Assembly to make the Code of Virginia consistent with the provisions of this resolution; and

Be it further resolved, that this resolution be published and disseminated to the Chairman and members of the State Central Committee, and to the Republican members of the Virginia General Assembly, and that it be posted to the RPV website in a publicly accessible area.

RPV.org http://www.rpv.org/2013vaconvention


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