How Unelected Green Groups Abuse Power

from: Roanoke Tea Party Posts

But you don’t have to go to the left coast to find government abuse of farmers. And the abuse doesn’t always come from the Feds.

Some of you may know the name Martha Boneta. She is a farmer who was the namesake for the Boneta Farm Bill that failed in last year’s General Assembly. Boneta ran afoul of local ordinances because she was (amongst other “subversive things”) putting up signs on her property to sell her own farm produce on her own property.

What you may not know is that she has been the target of local governmental  groups for some time. According to this article from her local paper:

While recent media coverage of the Boneta case is largely concentrated on the questionable legality of the modifications county officials made to the local zoning laws in July 2011, Boneta’s supporters are convinced the lawsuit filed by the PEC in 2009 over the terms of the conservation easement is what ultimately precipitated the battle over property rights in Virginia, the subsequent action by county officials and possibly the IRS audit.

The PEC suit was settled in September 2011. But by that time, the county had implemented controversial changes to local zoning ordinances. The Boneta Bill (House Bill 1430) includes language that would reverse these changes and clarify key provisions of the state’s Right to Farm Act.

What is the PEC? That would be the Piedmont Environmental Council. They are one of the numerous regional “green” authorities around Virginia that are given governmental authority without any elective process or accountability. From their website, it all looks like harmless green nonsense, but they have the authority to regulate conservation easements that are granted to landowners in that area.

Read more about how PEC controls our land despite not being an elected or accountable office:

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