Farm Freedom Gaining Support

From E. W. Jackson: Government Policies Should Encourage Farming Not Discourage It
Harrisonburg, VA – Today in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, E.W. Jackson, candidate for Lt. Governor, spoke out in support of family farmers and his commitment to fight for farm and food freedom.

“We need to get government off the backs of our local farmers or they will end up on the endangered species list,” said Jackson. “Not only do family farms create jobs, but they are the best source for healthy food. Unfortunately, government regulations and taxes are killing this vital industry.”

Like so many other businesses across Virginia, farms are being financially destroyed by the high taxes, the cost of regulations, bureaucratic red tape and infringement of property rights. During the years of 2011 and 2013, farms with less than $100,000 in agricultural sales decreased by 300.

“When our state and federal governments are getting in the way of our 400 year old agricultural business, there is something drastically wrong. I trust our local farmers not government bureaucrats. As your next Lt. Governor I will fight to see that we end the practice of government bureaucrats getting between us and a g
lass of milk,” said Jackson.

From Virginia Farm Freedom:

The Farm Freedom Act literally requires an act of Congress. But it first needs to start with us, here, in Virginia’s General Assembly. Because of the Wholesome Meats Act of 1967, all ( very safe) small family run butcher shops and slaughter houses across the country dried up. Sweeping Federal Regulations drove them out of business and now only the big boys in the “packing” industry rule in the meat business.( Tyson, Purdue, Smithfield, JBS) And now, the Chinese own Smithfield. We can’t, as a nation, do worse than that. Its high time we returned to the farmer the dignity of his legal ability to make sausage and pumpkin pies to sell to his neighbors.

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