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How Unelected Green Groups Abuse Power

from: Roanoke Tea Party Posts But you don’t have to go to the left coast to find government abuse of farmers. And the abuse doesn’t always come from the Feds. Some of you may know the name Martha Boneta. She is

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Farm Freedom Gaining Support

From E. W. Jackson: Government Policies Should Encourage Farming Not Discourage It Harrisonburg, VA – Today in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, E.W. Jackson, candidate for Lt. Governor, spoke out in support of family farmers and his commitment to

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Martha Boneta: A Linchpin Between The Clinton & Obama Administration’s IRS Scandals

Martha Boneta. Do you know the name? Maybe you will remember. Martha owns a farm in Fauquier County, VA, an area best known as a bedroom community for the District of Columbia. Martha might just be one of the linchpins that tie

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